• Every year a new size record. FIAB 2060W – The largest high frequency welder on the market

    In 2018, we built the FIAB 1900W high frequency welder with our hands - it was the largest HF welder in the world - to this day. In 2019, we broke our own record by building the FIAB 2060W model, which will be appreciated by all manufacturers of large halls, tents and membrane stretched structures.

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  • First contract for Belarusian market

    It was a very intense and fruitful time spent in Belarus. We came back with a signed contract, thus gaining the first Belarusian client of the FIAB company.

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  • FIAB is a partner of XXVIII Symposium of PTZE

    On September 9-12, 2018, we will share our experience and ideas during the XXVIII Symposium of PTZE organized by the Polish Society of Applied Electromagnetism.

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  • Intelligent Development Forum – Press conference

    Uniejów Castle, here was the press conference of the Intelligent Development Forum, where the organizers revealed the details of the third edition of this event.

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  • An interesting show with FIAB 900 in the main role

    Last Thursday in Piotrkówek Mały, near Warsaw there was a nice event! Serge Ferrari, Giofex and FIAB lead an training in protective techniques: The leading role of fabrics in sunscreens - thermal optimization and maximization of benefits.

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  • FIAB with an economic visit to Georgia

    At the beginning of April this year, entrepreneurs from Lower Silesia (including FIAB) and representatives of the local government visited Georgia.

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  • Happy Easter!

    At the time of Easter, the employees of the FIAB company give you sincere wishes - happy and cheerful Easter, all the best, rest and recuperation.

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  • We have been invited to Giofex open days

    At the time of the Moscow trade fair, we took part in an equally interesting event - open days of the Giofex company . In Bratislava we had our show, where we showed the welding process of the keder production using the FIAB machine.

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  • See how it was at Techtextil in Russia!

    Already after Techtextil Russia. Last week, March 20-23, you could find us at the fairs hall in Moscow, near the European Pavilion.

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  • The Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering at the Wrocław University of Technology established cooperation with the FIAB company

    The university's research and development potential will be extended in the field of practical learning of the students' profession, and will later allow our company to acquire qualified personnel.

    On March 16 2018, the FIAB company signed a framework agreement for cooperation with the Electrical Department of the Chair of Power and Electricity of the Wrocław University of Technology (No. P/0180/79/2018).

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  • Forbes Diamonds – an award for the FIAB company

    Last Thursday - 8 March, in Wrocław, Forbes Diamonds were handed for companies from the Lower Silesia province. FIAB took 18th place in the category of revenues from 5 to 50 million PLN, thus becoming the laureate of Forbes Diamonds 2018. This year, in the region - 156 winners were honored.

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  • We are just after the fairs! Check out, how it was at R+T Stuttgart?

    The Suttgart fair has just finished. R+T Stuttgart lasted from 27.02.-03.03.2018. We were there with Aeronaut Automation, at booth #1H38 in hall 1.

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  • The FIAB became a member of ZIG – the Western Chamber of Commerce

    We are pleased to announce that by the Resolution of the Council of the Western Chamber of Commerce No. 1/2018 of 26/02/2018, the FIAB company was admitted as a member of the Chamber.

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  • Visit us at the R+T fair in Stuttgart

    Coming soon 27.02-03.03.2018 the R+T trade fair will take place in Stuttgart. You can find us on stand shared with Aeronaut Automation - booth #1H38, Hall 1 .

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  • Forbes awarded Diamond for the FIAB

    The title "Diamond Forbes 2018" confirms the position among the best companies on the Polish market. This year's ranking was divided into 16 provinces, and within each of them in turn into three categories according to the level of revenues. In 2018 from the Lower Silesia province, there are 156 companies in the Forbes Diamond ranking. FIAB took 18th place in the category of revenues from 5 to 50 million PLN, becoming the laureate of Forbes Diamonds 2018.

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  • Newspaper „Medycyna Pracy” – article by the Wrocław University of Technology about high-frequency welding machines

    In the last edition of the journal "Medycyna Pracy" there was published an article about high frequency welders and the impact of harmful factors on the human body.

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  • FIAB loading East, Polish-Georgian economic forum

    The Polish-Georgian business forum was another economic event to help all Lower Silesian companies enter the local market with their goods and services. The meeting was attended by 25 entrepreneurs who had a chance to talk directly with the Georgian ambassador in Poland - Ilia Darchiashvilim about their business plans. Among the representatives of Lower Silesian enterprises there was also the FIAB.

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  • FAIRS, EVENTS and conferences through 2018

    Check where you can find us in 2018. As every year, we have prepared a list of fairs, events and conferences, where we will appear during this year.

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  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from all FIAB team! We hope that your Christmas will be full of joy and laughter, and positive emotions will accompany you throughout the next year.

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  • We are in the new video cycle of „Puls Biznesu” – „”

    We kindly invite you to watch the premiere episode of the new program "goPL" in the pages of "Puls Biznesu" that is devoted to the investment related to the opening of the R&D FIAB Center. The Partner and publisher of the material is the Intelligent Development Center - the organizer of the Intelligent Development Forum.

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  • A Film from FIAB CBR Grand Opening

    See the video from the unique event in the history of the FIAB company - the Grand Opening of the Research and Development Center FIAB.

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  • „FIAB sets new standards” – an article in „Monitor Rynkowy” and „Monitor Biznesu” newspapers

    On November 30, in the "Monitor Rynkowy" and "Monitor Biznesu" there was next article about the Research and Development Center of the FIAB.

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  • Volgograd Arena – Stadium built with FIAB machines

    In Volgograd, Russia, the Volgograd Arena stadium is being built since 2014. When it was time to finish the roof - the high frequency FIAB welders arrived.

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  • Nationwide specialist journal „Puls Biznesu” writes about Center of Research and Development FIAB

    In yesterday's edition of Puls Biznesu appeared article about the newly-opened Center for Research and Development FIAB . We encourage you to read!

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  • Next Award for FIAB

    Since last Friday we are the Symbol of Innovation 2017 . The prize was awarded to the FIAB company in connection with the construction of one of the most modern Research and Development Center in Lower Silesia.

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  • The Grand Opening of The FIAB Research and Development Center

    The FIAB Research and Development Center is officially open! The ceremony took place on November 16, 2017.

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  • Title Symbol of Innovation 2017 for FIAB Sp. z o.o. sp.k.

    We are happy to share with you the information about the next distinction for FIAB Sp. z o.o. sp.k. by decision of the Chapter of the Symbol Program, the FIAB company was awarded the title Symbol of Innovation 2017.

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  • Polish Intelligent Development Award in 2017 for FIAB Sp. z o.o. sp.k.

    During this year's Intelligent Development Forum 2017, the FIAB company received the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2017.

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  • IFAI 2017 in New Orleans

    As every year we have shared a stand with JTE Machine Systems company at IFAI. IFAI 2017 took a place on 26-29 September, then you could meet us at booth #1137. This year the fairs took place in New Orleans, USA.

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  • National Day of Poland on Astana EXPO 2017

    On September 7, the National Day of Poland took place at the international EXPO Astana. This was the second day of the presidential visit of Andrzej Duda and Agata Kornhauser-Duda as part of closer economic cooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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  • EXPO 2017, Polish-Kazakh Economic Forum

    As our company FIAB participates in the Polish-Kazakhstan Economic Mission, we are happy to share with you the impressions of the Polish-Kazakh Economic Forum, which took place on September 6, 2017.

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  • International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) – the largest military event in this part of Europe.

    We have just came from military fairs in Kielce! The International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) runs from September 5 to 8.

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  • Scientific and technical seminar: Directions of Sustainable Development of Power Engineering in Poland

    On 11.10.2017 in Wroclaw University of Technology, at 10:00 there will took a place The Science and Technical Seminar tittled: "Directions of Sustainable Development of Power Engineering in Poland", where our company will be present. Together with the Office of the Smart Power Grids Consortium - Poland, we invite you to participate in the seminar.

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  • The Economic Day of Lower Silesia – Expo 2017 Astana, Kazakchstan

    FIAB Sp. z o.o. sp.k. is already at Astana EXPO 2017 in Kazakchstan. We encourage you to see photos from the Marcin Lerners lecture at first meeting of Lower Silesia representatives. Mr. Lerner, Commercial Director of FIAB, talked about our machines (high frequency welders) and how they could be used. The meeting was attended by Cezary Przybylski, Marshal of Lower Silesia and many representatives of Kazakh business.

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  • FIAB company is laureate of Polish Intelligent Development 2017 Award

    Another success in FIAB company!

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  • FIAB in Consortium Smart Power Grids Poland

    We would like to share with you some great news - our participation to the group of the Smart Power Grids Consortium Poland. On August 17, 2017 FIAB has signed the Act of Accession to the Consortium.

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  • We have received a patent document

    We are proud to praise you patent document, which we recently received.

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  • „Puls Biznesu” writes about FIAB company

    In today's edition of "Puls Biznesu", section "Rzecz o Innowacjach" there was published an article about FIAB company. In this publication Rafał Jabłoński (CEO of FIAB) and Magdalena Olma (that is responsible for FIAB promotion and marketing) talk about progress in the construction of the FIAB Research and Development Center in Wrocław on Rakietowa Street and about company plans for development .

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  • An interview for Polskie Radio Jedynka – EUREKA broadcast

    11.07.2017, at 7:10 p.m. at Polskie Radio Jedynka in EUREKA brodcast there was published an interview with FIAB company CEO - Rafał Jabłoński.

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  • FIAB machines in ARD – Bayerischer Rundfunk station

    German TV ARD - Bayerischer Rundfunk with the technical support of the ITRS association (which we are member), made a film about the specifics of work in the PVC processing industry. The video shows, how it is to work at FIAB machines.

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  • II Intelligent Development Forum

    With a pleasure we would like to invite you for II Intelligent Development Forum, that will take a place between 23-24 october 2017 in G2A Arena The Exhibition & Congress Centre located in Jasionka, where in the Honorary Committee of Forum will be Rafał Jabłoński - CEO of FIAB.

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  • XI National Electromagnetic Compatibility Workshops

    Between 5-7 of June 2017, XI National Electromagnetic Compatibility Workshops took place. This event held place at Wroclaw University of Technology in the Center for Scientific and Technical Information.

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  • FIAB at workshop – Textile Roofs 2017

    Between 15-17 od May, took a place the International Workshop on the Design and Practical Realisation of Architectural Membrane Structures - Textile Roofs 2017.

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  • Techtextil 2017

    We are just after the Techtextil 2017 show, that held place in Frankfurt. You had an great occasion to see us at the stand B68 at hall 3.0.

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    We are taking part in Frankfurt am Main fairs - techtextil 2017. Our booth number is B68, hall 3.0.

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  • Career Expo in Wroclaw

    Again we have visited the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw. We have been there at Career Expo - job fairs.

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  • EMV 2017, the International Exhibition with Workshops on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) in Stuttgart

    Between 28-30 of March we have been participated in EMV 2017, the International Exhibition with Workshops on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) in Stuttgart.

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  • How it was at Career Days?

    We were participants of this year's edition of Career Days®. See the photo report from the event!

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  • Work for FIAB! We invite you to the 2017 Career Days

    Visit our stand at Career Days! Only a few days left - March 8 at Centennial Hall in Wroclaw.

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  • FIAB at Techtextil Russia

    Between 20-22 of February you could meet us in Moscow. We were participants of the Techtextil Russia trade fair.

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  • Techtextil Russia

    20-22.02.2017, Moscow, Russia

    Shortly you can meet us in Moscow! We will participate in the fair Techtextil Russia. You can find our booth #A5, next to the press center inside third hall.

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  • Prestigious title for FIAB – Gazela Biznesu

    FIAB joined to the business elite group of companies with the most dynamic development!

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  • AL-ITIHAD journal writes about FIAB & AL-BADDAD

    FIAB & Al-Baddad Technology - production capacity will increase up to 4.5 million m2 per year

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  • FIAB & Tex-Steel

    We are proud member of Tex-Steel.

    The Association promotes the establishment of new business contacts, helps its partners in promoting their production and services, as well as it is engaged in organizing space for business discussions, exhibitions and conferences.

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  • We are member of ITRS

    We are pleased to inform you, that since 2016 we are proud member of the ITRS association.

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    As every year, we have prepared a list of events that we participate. Check where you can find us in 2017.

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  • FIAB – the first patent for our invention

    Regarding to document from the Polish Patent Office, concerning the award for our company - we want to share this achievement with you.

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  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    To all our customers, partners and employees we wish a lot of beautiful moments, sincere smiles on your faces, we wish your dreams come true and the best of everything in the new 2017 year.

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  • MONITOR BIZNESU – „FIAB: Advantage through Innovation”

    In today's edition of the Business Monitor there is published an article about the FIAB company. There you can read: "Cooperation with leading technical universities and implementation of results of research and development puts FIAB among the most innovative technology companies."

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  • EuroSymbol Innovation 2016

    FIAB Sp. z o.o. sp.k. - as a beneficiary of the EU Funds received the EuroSymbol Innovation 2016 award for actively promoting advantages of funds use.

    EuroSymbol Award appreciates the results achieved by proper and effective use of money from the European Union. It is awarded by "Monitor Biznesu", an independent supplement to "Rzeczpospolita" and "Monitor Rynkowy" in "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna".

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  • Polish Intelligent Development Award 2016 for FIAB Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

    During this year's Intelligent Development Forum 2016, there was a reason for our representatives – President - Rafal Jablonski and Technical Project Engineer - Paulina Grabarczyk to join this event.

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  • FIAB Open Days 2016

    24-26 August this year, a lot has happened! FIAB Open Days - it was a time when we had opportunity to host customers from all over the world.

    First day of this event was full of technical and theoretical lectures. During the presentation, our speakers Luma Poland and Erez Europe drew the scope of their business. We have talked about high frequency welding, also we discussed about models of FIAB machines and materials used in welding. Wroclaw University of Technology spoke about the electromagnetic field surrounded by high-frequency welding, thereby dispelling all doubts participants of the lectures.

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  • Polish Intelligent Development Award 2016

    Nomination for the title was connected with realization of the project: ”Development of new generation innovative machines for joining plastics: PVC, silicone, teflon and ethylene, using electromagnetic energy”. Project was part of The Operational Programme: Intelligent Evolution 2014-2020, Action 1.1 "Business R&D projects ", Sub-measure 1.1.1 "Industrial research and development activities carried out by the company".

    Due to accorded to us distinction, we would like to to invite you for the award ceremony, which will take place October 21st in the Exhibition and Congress Centre in Jasionka near Rzeszów. The event will take a place during a special ceremony with the participation of national media.

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  • BioEM 2016 conference

    Between 5 – 10 June was held a scientific conference BioEM 2016. Our associate Wroclaw University of Technology with partnership of FIAB presented results of the research carried out in the framework of the project “fast track” nr POIR.01.01.01.-00-0012/15-00 entitled: “Development of new generation innovative machines for joining plastics: PVC, silicone, teflon and ethylene, using electromagnetic energy.” The conference concerned on widely understood subject of electromagnetic fields, especially on their innovative usage in biomedical area.

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  • XXVI Conference of the Polish Society of Applied Electromagnetics

    By implementing of the Project 1.1.1. under title: "Development of new generation innovative machines for joining plastics: PVC, silicone, teflon, ethylene, using electromagnetic energy" in the so-called "Fast track" FIAB develops, among others, in topics related to the emission of electromagnetic fields.

    On 26 – 29 th June we took an active part as a sponsor at the XXVI Conference of the Polish Society of Applied Electromagnetics. This year's edition "Applications of electromagnetism in modern techniques and medicine" has been combined with the VI International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetism (SAEM - Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics).

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  • 26th International Conference Radioelektronika 2016 – Kosice / Slovakia

    Once again, our cooperation on research projects with Wroclaw University of Technology resulted in common occurrence of FIAB and the Wrocław University of Technology at the 26th International Conference Radioelektronika in Kosice / Slovakia on 19-20 April 2016.

    This conference was organized by the Department of Electronics and Multimedia Communications Technical University in Kosice, in cooperation with the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies ZSVTS. Our company was represented by Mr. Paul Bienkowski and Mr. Bartlomiej Zubrzak from Wroclaw University of Technology with their presentation under title: Electromagnetic Field in High Frequency Welder Surroundings.

    We invite you to look at the pictures from the conference!

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  • FIAB in the magazine ‘Puls Biznesu’ in its appendix ‘Rzecz o innowacjach’. Enjoy reading!

    We invite you to read the article about our company under title: The idea, knowledge, technique for the determination of high-frequency energy in the magazine ‘Puls Biznesu’ in its appendix ‘Rzecz o innowacjach’ , also available to read under:

    Have fun while reading!

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  • Another nomination for FIAB! Polish Intelligent – Development Award 2016

    We are pleased to announce that our company has received a nomination for the Polish Intelligent - Development Award 2016! Nomination for the title was connected with the realization of the project: Development of new generation innovative machines for joining plastics: PVC, silicone, teflon and ethylene, using electromagnetic energy.

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  • Monitor Biznesu” (Business Monitor) about FIAB

    On April 28, 2016 appeared in "Monitor Biznesu" (Business Monitor) - an independent supplement to "Rzeczpospolita" an article about our company.

    The appearance of the article is related to the acquisition of FIABs nomination for the award EUROSYMBOL 2016, as well as the completion of the first stage of research and development project conducted by our company, together with scientists of the Faculty of Electronics of Wroclaw University of Technology. We kindly invite you to read about us further!

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