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  • FIAB loading East, Polish-Georgian economic forum

    FIAB loading East, Polish-Georgian economic forum 24-1-2018

    The Polish-Georgian business forum was another economic event to help all Lower Silesian companies enter the local market with their goods and services. The meeting was attended by 25 entrepreneurs who had a chance to talk directly with the Georgian ambassador in Poland - Ilia Darchiashvilim about their business plans. Among the representatives of Lower Silesian enterprises there was also the FIAB.



    „The situation in Georgia is heavily developmental dynamic. This time supports business development. As emphasized by the ambassador, Georgia needs us – our technology, goods, experience and capital, and the Georgian government wants to support cooperation between private companies. Certainly it is an attractive market for us, we have already made attempts to find buyers and I am convinced that the cooperation will progress – says Marcin Lerner from FIAB company from Kąty Wrocławskie. FIAB, which is a manufacturer of large industrial machines used in industries like: transport , defense, or construction of objects (like stadiums, airports), successfully sells its products in 70 countries around the world. Georgia is to be the next.”- quoted article: forum polska-gruzja

For the Echo24 TV channel, talked Commercial Director of FIAB – Marcin Lerner. See the reportage below:





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