Spare parts and consumables

We offer a wide range of spare parts and consumable supplies, as well as substitutes that may be needed to keep the machine in full efficiency for many years. FIAB holds all spare parts in stock to provide quick delivery and to minimize machine downtime. For the parts that are no longer manufacturedwe, we always find a suitable solution.

WHY ORIGINAL MACHINE ELEMENTS ARE BETTER? 1. Constant improvement of original alternatives and FIAB supplies. 2. The same source for all consumable and spare parts. 3. Comfortable ordering form - by e-mail or telephone. 4. Expert advice in the spare parts area.



By ordering parts from us, you always get the most up to date and 100% matching parts for your machine. Furthermore you are guaranteed that the material and quality of workmanship are all top notch.


By purchasing components from FIAB you can receive extra e-mails and/or technical support by telephone for their installation. If there is neccessary, we will come and install components directly on your machine – all around the world. Most of the parts we have in stock and we can send them to you in one day.



We offer aluminum and brass electrodes of any shape. The electrodes can be freely engraved or rifled.

Soft elektrody

The electrodes surface covered with soft foam and Teflon. Welding with these electrodes allows you to reduce electrode edge marks in the welding material. This type of electrodes is especially used in the advertising industry, for example in banners production.


The electrodes with movable welding surface. Welding with these electrodes allows you for welding different heights of surfaces in a single cycle, for example when you welds belt for tarpaulins.


We can make for you any special electrodes, for example:

  • electrodes for medical industry for welding and cutting bags,
  • electrodes with broken surface,
  • tunnel electrodes,
  • electrodes for pipes and chimneys welding,
  • electrodes for keder welding and finish.


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