High Frequency Welding

Technical information

High frequency (HF) welding method (also known as radio frequency or dielectric welding) only works with thermoplastics that have a high dielectric constant, like PVC or PU materials.

Common products manufactured with HF welding method are tarpaulins, tents, ceilings, advertising outdoor banners, waterbeds, inflatable boats, drip and blood bags, tensile structures, conveyor belts, rain clothing, etc.

High Frequency Welding

High Frequency Welding

The materials must have the following properties:

  •  be a thermoplastic material
  • contain a polar group in the polymer chain (“polar materials”)
  • high dielectric loss
  • high dielectric constant (generally between 3 and 5)
  • high dielectric breakdown.



Examples: PVC, PU, PET, PA (Nylon), ABS, TPU, EVA


Tooling (electrodes) is the part of the machine which is pressed onto the materials to perform the weld. Electrode is usually attached to a machine’s upper platen (toolholder). However, if the construction of the workpieces requires it, the electrode can be attached to the lower platen or in the tray.

Electrodes are usually made of brass and aluminum materials. Selection depends on cost, design complexity and durability. Brass is more expensive material, but it’s very durable and easy to repair. It is preferred tooling for large-volume production. Aluminum is low cost material and easy to make, but has a low durability and it is difficult to repair. Aluminum electrodes are good for complex pattern, although they require up to 25% more power than brass tooling to achieve similar weld joint strengths.


The possibility of electrodes

  • windows
  • eyelets
  • personalized welds with logo
  • tubes
  • keder
  • thin materials
  • and many more…


The latest version of SIMATIC WinCC software delivered with FIAB welders allows to keep the machines and plant operating at maximum efficiency.

• A/C welding screen (parameters values strongly depend on the type and density of the welded material)
• E/C welding screen (program automatically calculates the energy you need for the specific tool area)
• FIAB Q (allows to record the welding process)


Main characteristic

  • improved usability – more intuitive and clear navigation through the menu for better welding process management
  • set of diagnostic tools for the users and service for effective welding process supervision
  • easy, one-step transfer of welding parameters to your external computer

Touch panel Siemens

By using the proven SIEMENS Touch Screen control panels, operating our machinery becomes easy and secure and does not require time – consuming trainings. An intelligent, menu-guided user interface is ready to serve our customers in multiple languages.

Unlimited number of welding parameters are stored on a SD Memory Card and can be reapplied for every new welding cycle. The tested and proven welding ‘recipes’ allow to maintain high quality of welding seams and guarantee the increase of productivity.


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