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  • FIAB developed five prototype machines with parameters and properties previously unavailable on the market

    FIAB developed five prototype machines with parameters and properties previously unavailable on the market 15-11-2022

    FIAB Spółka z o.o. Bronisław Koziołkiewicz Sp. k. is a technology company which, in order to maintain its leading position on the world market of high-frequency welding machine manufacturers, annually implements 1-3 prototype solutions for production, thus enabling the Company to expand its product range, as well as its presence in increasingly wider areas of industry.

    Particularly interesting are the machines of innovative design developed and implemented for production as part of the project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (POIR 2014-2010) entitled: Developing innovative new-generation machines for joining plastics: PVC, silicone, Teflon, ethylene, using electromagnetic energy (POIR.01.01.01-00-0012/15). As a result of industrial research and R&D work, with the participation of, among others, the Department of Electronics of Wrocław University of Technology, and cooperating companies, as many as five prototype machines with parameters and properties previously unavailable on the market were developed.  The following article will present models of two of them:

    – a FIAB 960 machine in a frame housing with a tube generator at an operating frequency of 27.12MHz with free use of a transistor generator, together with an automatic tracking power control system;

    – FIAB 360 machine in a frame housing equipped with a high-frequency generator with an operating frequency of 40.68MHz;

    The FIAB 960 is a mobile volumetric welding machine for the permanent joining of plastics such as soft PVC, EVA polymers, PU, etc. The welding process takes place using high-frequency energy (HF). The energy transmission starts with a HF tube generator with an operating frequency of 27.12MHz ± 0.6%, which then passes through an automatic matching system, reaching the material to be welded. The FIAB 960 machine can be equipped with a 10kW to 22kW generator and a welding tool of up to 2000mm in length. The sealing process allows the sealing to be carried out correctly using two important parameters: (1) properly tuned high-frequency energy, which generates heat inside adjacent layers of materials as the particles move (in line with the field direction), and (2) evenly distributed pressurebetween the anode (tool) and cathode (worktable) both during welding and during cooling.

    In addition to the above-mentioned functional characteristics, the machine is also featured by easy access to components and the possibility of installing additional accessories, such as lasers indicating the welding lines, a roll holder with additional material, a mobile platform or operator panels on an adjustable arm.

    FIAB 960 zgrzewarka welding machine for pvc welder hf high frequency

    The second equally interesting solution is the FIAB 360 machine, which is the smallest high-frequency welding machine that FIAB has developed so far. The machine has been designed in response to the needs of customers for making small area welds and has been equipped with an electrode with a maximum length of 200 mm. Additional equipment includes a table, which can be replaced by a shaped electrode and performs a 3D weld, a rotating top electrode and bottom electrode, castors for easy movement of the machine and a proprietary welding schedule that allows very precise setting of the welding current during the process. The FIAB 360 model is suitable for use with a HF tube generator. with an operating frequency of 27.12MHz ± 0.6%, and with an operating frequency of 40.68MHz ± 20 kHz and a power output of 3kW.

    FIAB 360 high frequency welder welding zgrzewarka machine

The prototypes of machines and units developed within the framework of the advanced concepts of the R&D staff are distinctive because of a number of improved performance features and are significantly superior to substitute products (e.g. increased productivity, reduced welding cycle times, higher process stability of the welding machines, extended service life, reduced electromagnetic field emissions emitted by the units, lighter weight and thus freer access to important areas of the machines for technical services, etc.). The production of innovative solutions focusing on Customers’ expectations in terms of efficiency, combined with reduced energy consumption, increased safety of use, as well as better use of currently known plastic materials – is a priority for the Company, even more so, because FIAB’s Customers are manufacturing companies located all over the world.



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