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    Not only high-frequency welding machines 15-11-2022

    FIAB Spółka z o.o. Bronisław Koziołkiewicz Sp. k. is a technology company that has founded its development on scientific research and the creation of new products. One example of this approach is the introduction into the series production of the company, innovative machines for joining plastics designed under the project "Development of innovative new generation machines for joining plastics: PVC, silicone, Teflon, ethylene, using electromagnetic energy" co-funded from the operational programme Intelligent Development Priority Axis I "Support for the Conduct of R&D Works of Enterprises, Measure 1.1 "R&D projects of Enterprises", Sub-measure 1.1.1 "Industrial Research and Development Works Carried out by Enterprises", the so-called "fast track".

    FIAB’s product range has so far included machines that use high-frequency energy to join plastics. As part of this project, it was decided to also develop new solutions that would allow various plastics to be welded without it. Machines in this series that have been newly designed and put into production include:

    FIAB GP – designed for welding materials based on PTFE polymers (Teflon). This welding process consists of heating a heating plate, which is located on both sides of the material to be welded. Surface pressure must then be applied to ensure that the material is permanently joined after it has been transformed from a plastic to a solid state. Due to the high temperatures of the process carried out, a cooling plate is used in the machine to reduce the temperature of the resulting joint in the shortest possible time. Due to the welding tool used, this type of process is commonly referred to as hot plate welding. The machine is made up of 5 main assemblies, i.e.: housing, press, table, control panel, cooling system. An additional advantage of this model is that the housing can be designed to be as open as possible, thereby reducing its weight and gaining easier access to the various components of the machine. The machine has been designed for stationary operation but locking transport wheels have been used to facilitate its transport on the production floor. The FIAB GP model allows 120×1200 welded joints to be made on large areas of material. Examples of applications for this machine include production processes for tent halls and information and advertising banners made of PTFE-soaked glass fabrics, etc.

    PTFE welder welding machine

    The second machine in this group is the FIAB IMP 3200, which is designed to weld thermoplastic materials using resistance tape. The machine can weld up to 3200mm in a single cycle. Impulse welding involves the flow of electric current through the resistance material, which causes it to heat up. The foil placed on the resistance strip becomes plasticised, is pressed from above with a profile and, once cooled, forms a strong weld. The heat enters directly into the sealing area from the heating element. The heating element, which has a small heat capacity, heats up quickly under a brief electric current flow and cools down when the current is switched off.

    With the impulse method, films can be sealed on one side with a maximum thickness of 2 mm, and up to 5 mm when sealing on both sides. The FIAB IMP 3200 can fold pockets and join thermoplastic-based fabrics in a semi-automatic process without the use of additional binders. The pocket size is adjustable from 10 to 100mm. The machine can also be used for joining fabrics, tunnels or reinforcement tapes. The large working area of the impulse sealer allows large-sized products to be welded. It is also possible to weld several products at the same time (so-called series), placing the products one by one over the entire heating area.

    The FIAB IMP 3200 machine is dedicated to sealing awnings, roller blinds, screens and billboards. The width of the sealing can be adapted to the Customer’s requirements. The base of resistance tapes that can be used in this sealing machine ranges from 1 to 10mm, and the sealing widths that we can obtain are: 1; 1.5; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 8; 10mm.

    Simple operation and an intuitive interface ensure obtaining easy and correct welds and making use of the full potential of the machine. For material storage in the working area, material troughs have been installed on both sides of the machine. The maximum diameter of the rolls accommodated in the trough is 100mm. The purpose of using material trays on both sides is to increase ergonomics and prevent contamination of expensive Customer materials. The small trough at the front of the machine allows the material placed in it to be freely unrolled and then positioned from the roll. The rear trough allows the welded product to be quickly picked up or material to be unrolled from the rear of the machine as well.

    PTFE welder welding machine

    All machines designed at FIAB Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. are developed in response to the needs communicated by our Customers and are always an inspiring challenge for our Technical Staff.


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