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  • Polish Intelligent Development Award 2016 for FIAB Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

    Polish Intelligent Development Award 2016 for FIAB Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. 2-11-2016

    During this year's Intelligent Development Forum 2016, there was a reason for our representatives – President - Rafal Jablonski and Technical Project Engineer - Paulina Grabarczyk to join this event.

    FIAB Sp. o.o. Sp.k. received award in the category: “an innovative company” for realization of the project: ”Development of new generation innovative machines for joining plastics: PVC, silicone, teflon and ethylene, using electromagnetic energy”.

    Polish Intelligent Development Award 2016 is a prestigious distinction, that is response to the new perspective of EU 2014-2020.

    Intelligent Development Forum consisted of twelve conference concerning topics: the efficient use of EU funds, innovative solutions for companies, etc. During the Forum there took a place debate about the innovative economy and intelligent development, and also about the most important challenges facing the Polish economy.

    Video of the debate with participation of FIAB President Rafal Jablonski appeared on the website “Puls Biznesu”:,64004,forum-inteligentnego-rozwoju-debata

    You can also read an article about this happening at website “Rzecz O Innowacjach”:



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